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XAFS Data Analysis Using FEFF


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FEFFIT is a computer program for the analysis of XAFS data. It is designed to fit experimental XAFS spectra to theoretical calculations from FEFF. FEFFIT is fairly easy to use. Fitting can be done in k or R space, and error analysis is automatically done, and a wide-range of options are given for modelling XAFS data. Follow this link to the FEFFIT home page.

See Also: On-Line materials for Bruce Ravel's Course on FEFF and FEFFIT.

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The IFEFFIT home page
IFEFFIT is an interactive program for XAFS analysis. It combines the high-quality analysis algorithms of AUTOBK and FEFFIT with graphical display of XAFS data and general data manipulation. Follow this link to the IFEFFIT home page.
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XAFS Services International
XDAP was initially developed by M. Vaarkamp during his time at Eindhoven University. Macintosh and DOS versions of XDAP are now available from XAFS Services International. Follow this link to the XDAP homepage.
EXAFSPAK is a suite of XAS data analysis programs for VMS developed by Dr. G.N. George of SSRL. Follow this link to the EXAFSPAK home page.
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WINXAS is an EXAFS analysis suite for MS Windows 3.1 and later written by T. Ressler. Follow this link to the WINXAS home page.
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XFIT for Windows is a suite of XAFS analysis programs for the Windows 95 or Windows NT operating systems. Follow this link to the XFIT home page.
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The EXAFS Data Analysis (EDA) software package is a suite of XAFS analysis programs for IBM compatible PCs, written by Alexei Kuzmin. Follow this link to the EDA home page.
LASE software analyzes XAS data and includes an interface with FEFF, both to create the feff.inp file from structural data and to create a fitting model (in k-space) from the set of feffxxxx.dat file. Follow this link to the LASE home page.
MAX (Multiplatform Applications for XAFS) is a new EXAFS data analysis package inspired by and replacing the old "EXAFS pour le Mac". The main difference is that it is no more "pour le Mac" but Multi-platform : MacOSX (Universal), Windows (XP, Vista, and 7), Linux. MAX includes all the EXAFS data analysis functions from reading raw data files to fitting single and mulitple scattering paths models. NEW : XANES normalization, FEFF mutiple scattering paths analysis, self absorption corrections in XANES and EXAFS,...and more.

If we have left your analysis package off the list, please send mail to Prof. J.J. Rehr.

The European Synchrotron Radiation Facility keeps an archive of freely available XAFS analysis software along with other information about XAFS theory and analysis code (including Feff and all the packages mentioned above).